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So, what is Home Performance?
Interested in learning more about HOME PERFORMANCE?
       A basic description of "Home Performance" and building science is that every occurrence within a home has an effect on the rest of the structure. Instead of overselling the customer ONE particular product, we take a look at the entire structure as a whole to find out what is causing the major issues of comfort, utility bills, mold or moisture. Optimizing EACH component can create a perfect living condition.

       Air leakage, the type, amount, & quality of insulation, humidity levels, bathroom/kitchen exhaust fans, fireplaces & chimneys, heating and cooling systems, ductwork, clothes dryers, recessed lights, attic venting systems, etc...they all affect the way structures perform as a system. If every aspect of this 'system' is not addressed the most beneficial savings may be overlooked and could quite possibly make matters worse.

        Many buildings energy inefficiencies are not directly initiated at the area of concern. For example: solutions for roof top ice dams are NOT a roof or gutter issue, try an air sealing and insulation package or ventilating your attic properly. 

        Our building scientists will look into every aspect of your structure and generate solutions which work in unison 'as a system'. Based on the client's budget and goals, our recommendations will focus on improving the structures entire performance while always adhering to the health and safety standards of your home and its inhabitants.

Your pathway to a cleaner, greener, more comfortable, energy efficient home!
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